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Woman And Scarecrow

Set and Costume Design


Director: Matthew Holmquist

Writer: Marina Carr

Context:  A woman lies on her deathbed in her final hours. Mother to eight children and a wife to an unfaithful husband.  She is plagued by Scarecrow her alter ego. Together with her greatest critique yet closest confidence, she revisits her life paired with biting humour and brutal honesty. 

Vision:  Due to the play's connection with the land and Ireland, I created a play set in the landscape of Connemara where Scarecrow, her protector, slowly tears the floorboards away showing her return to the land and end of life. Inspired by greek mythology and celtic burriels to transform the bed into a boat to guide her to safety in the afterlife.



Initial Response

Using Adobe in design I compiled my themes, text and context analysis and research to develop inform and inspire the design process. Primarily focusing on religion, Ireland, colours and light. Additionally, I used Photoshop to create initial response drawings to the text.

Design Development

Drawing from my research I focused on the land and the imagery of a boat to the afterlife to guide the development. Using a combination of rough modelling and storyboarding informed by my initial response drawings and research. I developed the final design and created the final model using Auto CAD, laser cutting, carving, sculpting and rendering. The set is in thrust set in the hills of Connemara where the Woman is returning to the land as she reaches the end of her life.

Focused Costume Mood and Research Boards

Using Adobe Indesign I created focused costume mood and research boards for each character, focusing on their characteristics from the text and social context. With an overall aesthetic to coincide with the land and culture of Connemara.

Final costume drawings

Using graphite pencils and watercolours I created these final costume drawings. Each drawing contains detailed texture as natural textures and the Arran knit is vital in this design to tie the set and costumes.

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