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Costume Skills 

  • Budgeting and sourcing

  • Planning and organization 

  • Continuity in film 

  • Mantancnace and laundry

  • Alterations and repair

  • Confident hand and machine sewing 

  • Dying 

  • Pattern drafting and flat pattern cutting 

  • Basic costume construction 

  • Basic corsetry 

  • Basic millinery 

  • Costume drawing 


Costume Assisting

These sketchbooks of my time as a costume assistant on the shows Dream and Indecent. They display my skills in budgeting and sourcing, planning and organization, maintenance and laundry, and alterations and repairs.


Photography- Kristen McTernan.

Photography- Simon Gough.

Costume Construction

Here's a corset I created displaying my confidence with machine and hand sewing, pattern drafting, flat pattern cutting, baisic understanding of costume construction and corsetry.

Costume Props 

Using recycled card and calico I created this wearable art costume of the Kingfisher from the Birds by Aristophanes. Focusing on texture and detail I create detailed costume props which are comfortable to wear and lightweight. The collar was reused in Tilda Vassaras's costume during my Production of The Book of Dust. 

Using my millinery skills I created this Elizabethan inspired Lion headdress for designer Lizzie Doody for the play Dream. Creating a light weight, durable and secure headdress. That was comfortable for the actor to wear and secure during the performance.

Photography- Kristen McTernan.

Costume Drawing

I create detailed, clear and colourful costume drawings, using either Procreate or mixed media of graphite, watercolour and coloured pencils. My costume drawing process involves a focus on clear communication through the drawings.

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