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Digital & Drafting Skills

I am a technical and mathematical-minded designer who had a keen eye for detail and creates practical​ designs using my specialised skills in the following programs.

  • Auto CAD

  • Fusion 360

  • SketchUp 

  • Layout - Drafting

  • Procreate 

  • Photoshop 


Auto CAD

I utilize Auto CAD to create accurate ground plans, technical drawings and drafting. Additionally to create templates to laser cut model and costume pieces. I develop, alter and optimize designs quickly and effective by using Auto CAD in my process. 


Using SketchUp I quickly create detailed accurate models that can be easily altered and developed throughout my practice. This provides a clearer sense of space and understanding of the work. Additionally I combine this with Layout to create drafting plans.

I create detailed, clear and colourful costume drawings, using either Procreate or mixed media of graphite, watercolour and coloured pencils.


Using Layout I create detailleddrafting plans with precise messurements, that are clear to read and understand.

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