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The Monkey's Paw

My Role:

Production and costume assistant

Context:  'On a rainy winter's evening at the turn of the century, the White family await their dinner guest. Sergeant-Major Morris has just returned from two decades as a soldier serving in India. His old friend Mr. White is eager to hear stories of his exotic travels... but it's not the stories he holds of foreign landscapes that Mr. White wants his family to hear about.

The Sergeant-Major carries with him a trinket: a cursed monkey's paw that he acquired overseas. It was cursed by an old fakir and can grant the owner three wishes. Despite warning them all of the downfall that befell all those who wished upon it, the White family contemplate taking their chances.'- Ben Caplan 


Studio: Aslan Productions/Best of It Productions 

Producers: Annie Grace

Directors: Ben Caplan

Writers: Ben Caplan

DOP: Colin Coomber

Production designer: Kate Unwin

Costume Designer: Jonathan Lipman

Makeup artist/hair stylist: Jana Dent



Photography- Tal Silverman

Costume Assisting

Photography- Jana Dent

Photography- Tal Silverman

Set Dressing

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