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Gair am Air

My Role:

Set and Costume Designer

Realized production working with the Welsh Young Actor's group at RWCMD.

Context:  The play follows 4 characters Sisters Sal, Mali, and their two friends Kate and Dyfrig on the last day of Year 6 when the Summer holidays begin and it will be their last time together as a group. That night they dare each other to break into the abandoned scary house at the end of the street unbeknownst to them that someone lives there. The old man REG takes a tumble and they run away fearing it was their fault. We see how they cope with the fear and how they react to each other.

Vision:   When developing the show I wanted to create a diverse fun colourful space where children's imaginations run wild. Hence the use of cardboard boxes, as they are one of the most common items of play that displays childrens's imaginations, where a box can be anything from a car, or castle to space ship.

Creative Team 

Original play by Tim Baker adapted by Tonya Smith


Director: Tonya Smith 

Assistant Director: Kellie-Gwen Morgan

Movement Director: Karol Cysweski

Lighting designer: Aron Jones



"Amy was an utter joy, and so amenable and accommodating. Her design fitted the brief perfectly and really enhanced the show. She brought a playful and colourful world to life through using cardboard which suited the make-believe nature of it all and her costumes and colour palette were just lovely in this kids' world."

- Tonya Smith,DIirector

Final Design

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